Truck Yard

Hello Readers,

Today I would like to bring a very special post to you.

If you have not been to Truck Yard in the Colony yet- you are definitely missing out on a must-see staple of the town!  Truck yard is an indoor/outdoor bar which hosts an array of different food trucks and local businesses, which rotate out to provide more restaurants and caterers to gain exposure.

The first really cool thing you will notice about Truck Yard is the environment- pets are allowed, and there are even large games you can play.  There is a very laid-back feel, and you can even find beer stations in addition to the food trucks.  Some permanent staples include the bar, and cheesesteak restaurant.

You will get to try something new with every visit, which is precisely what makes Truck Yard so awesome.  I was lucky enough to get to try two great places during my visit (in addition to one of the bar’s signature frozen margaritas). 

The first I got to try was a delicious sandwich from Ay Papito- Puerto Rican and Japanese Cuisine.


I opted to try the award winning Mojo Citrus Pork sandwich with aioli slaw (mayonnaise seasoned with garlic).  This sandwich is super flavorful and filling.


Second, I was very excited to try the classic elotes from King Kups Cali Mex Food.  For those who have not had elotes, it is grilled Mexican street corn with mayonnaise, crema, and chili powder sprinkled with cheese. YUM!!


Overall, the environment is awesome and the food is great and diverse.  If you haven’t been to Truck Yard yet, I would definitely start planning your next Friday night out ~