Amorino- Gelato Al Naturale

Hello Readers,

I am so STOKED to be back from an unprecedented hiatus! I am currently going through a rough period of mental and emotional health, so do bear with me.  Great food can be a fun way to get one’s mind off of things 😉

Today I am bringing you something super fun- Amorino, a gelato company based in Orly (a suburb of Paris, France).


Amorino Gelato Al Naturale has locations in the US, Europe, Mexico, and Asia.  This company prides itself on using high-quality fruit and milk ingredients, with organic and vegan options offered.  They offer so many unique flavors and options, it’s nearly impossible to choose! Not only can you get a variety of flavors on a cone in a pretty flower shape, but you can also get milkshakes and granitas. 

I tried many flavors during my visit, and opted for my favorites in my gelato:  Banana, Mawardi Pistachio, Dulce de Leche, and Blueberry Cheesecake.


In the mood for something a bit more filling? Amorito also offers waffles, crepes, and macaroons along with hot drinks.


Amorino is a MUST GO TO place for any lover of gelato and delicious, high quality frozen treats. Check it out at the Shops at Legacy in Plano ~


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