Dulcet Café and Bakery

Hello Readers,

Today’s post is about Dulcet Café and Bakery.

I was not expecting to go to Dulcet, but came across it on my way to Bingbox.  I am definitely not one to pass up coffee and pastries! It is extremely welcoming inside, and I was immediately taken in by the wonderful coffee smell.


Staff was extremely helpful in helping me to make my selections.  Something that really stood out to me was the ability to select lavender as a flavoring option. Dulcet offers a wide variety of both iced and hot coffees, plus signature lemonades.


My drink of choice was their (super strong and bold) cold brew iced coffee with lavender and oat milk.  It was truly the best cup of coffee I have had in a while- to say I was impressed would be an understatement.


Also offered by Dulcet are slushes, breakfasts, sandwiches and salad options.  Also not to be overlooked are the fantastic desserts.  During my visit, they were even offering free phone cases with every purchase!


I was extremely impressed with Dulcet Café and Bakery, and I’m sure that you will be too ~

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