Campisi’s Restaurants

Hello Readers,

Today I am bringing you Campisi’s Restaurants- serving Italian dishes since 1946.


I visited their location in Rockwall, but there are locations in Dallas, Plano, and Frisco.  Campisi’s has a really great history- the Campisi family came to the U.S. in 1904, and eventually settled in Dallas to purchase a grocery store.  Carlo “Papa” purchased a bar called the Idle Hour with a small kitchen at the corner of Knox and McKinney, which became Dallas’s first pizzeria. The Rockwall location even has photos of the family throughout the restaurant.


The traditional Italian tastes definitely hold true in their magnificent pizzas and pastas.  The spaghetti was some of the best I had ever eaten, and their famous pizza definitely did not disappoint.


Everyone was extremely kind at campisi’s and the food all came out hot and fresh.  Not to mention that I absolutely LOVED their ceasar salad- one of the main things I look forward to whenever visiting a new Italian restaurant. 

If you haven’t visited your nearest Campisi’s, I definitely highly recommend giving this Dallas classic a try ~

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