Ida Claire

Today’s post is for my fellow brunch enthusiasts- I bring you the Addison, Texas staple of Ida Claire.

Ida Claire is THE hip place to go for a unique and stylish, not to mention delicious, experience.  Chefs offer “fine southern cuisine” served with a side of southern hospitality.  After hearing so much hype, I just had to go and check it out for myself.


First things first, check out the amazing environment of this restaurant!


Ida Claire offers far more than just brunch, however, this was my mission during my visit.  I opted for a seat at the bar and purchased a mocktail, opting for Apple Crisp French Toast with spiced apples, crème anglaise, supersede granola and thick whipped cream.  I was certainly not disappointed!  With their open kitchen concept, everything was made fresh and delicious right on front of me. 


For my second dish, I selected the Nashville Hot Chicken.  I am honestly so hungry just thinking about it! If you love spicy food, then you will love this crisp and heavenly chicken with a kick.  This amazing dish is served as a spicy crisp chicken breast with pimento cheese toast, pickled cucumbers and onions. YUM!


Among other dishes definitely worth trying out are the chicken and waffles, as well as the Chicken in a Biscuit.


Ida Claire is not only a great place for food and drinks, but they host a number of fun events as well.  “Vinyl Hour” is held every weekday from 3-6, where you can play your own vinyl or choose some music from their own collection. 


Ida Claire has both kitchen and bar hours, which can be found at

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