Sweet Daze Dessert Bar

Hello Readers,

I am super excited about today’s post, as this is honestly the best dessert bar I have visited to date.  I bring you Sweet Daze Dessert Bar.

Sweet Daze opened about a year and a half ago on West Campbell Road in Richardson.  I am so glad that I found out about this place through Instagram – blink and you will miss it nestled between a campus book store and multitude of other unique cafes (I hope to visit them all).  Sweet Daze specializes in “soft serve, plus designer donuts, teas, lemonade & coffee.” 

The thing that really stands out is the fact that their flavors are so unique, and their custom ordered desserts are so elaborate.  You can walk in for cake pops, drinks, and soft serve, or custom order items for your party or event.  The desserts are all decorated so beautifully, and soft serve flavors are as unique as black-colored red velvet, and fruity pebbles.


Since there are so many options, take a look at the menu for yourself:

Unique lemonade flavors include guava, charcoal, and lavender (my choice, which I HAD to get for the trip back home.  Super delicious and relaxing to the senses).


It was so difficult to choose, but I went for a mermaid donut warmed up- just look at the sparkles and white chocolate shells!


The cake pops are also delicious- mine was smooth and chocolatey.  How perfect that these cake pops are a literal “pop!”


I am honestly just so impressed with Sweet Daze Dessert Bar, and it is even a great backdrop for your selfies! Everything is so photogenic, and the desserts have the taste to boot.  I am happy to say that this is, so far, my favorite review.


Interested in checking out Sweet Daze Dessert Bar? They are conveniently open from 12-10PM, or until 11:45 on Friday and Saturday ~






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