Cafe Mangosix

Hello Readers,

Today I am so excited to bring you Café Mangosix! I was delighted to try this for dessert after a visit to a local revolving sushi bar (review to come!)

Café Mangosix is a little spot in Carrollton’s Korean Mall on Old Denton Road. I was immediately taken with the hip atmosphere, and display of delicious, fruity desserts.  The location really pulls you in with attractive displays and ads featuring their frozen yogurts.


Café Mangosix serves up a wide variety of drinks and desserts- from green tea lattes and fresh frozen yogurt to smoothies, bubble tea, and honey bread.  You can even stop in here for a waffle and fresh fruit!  Café Mangosix features organic coffee on the menu, real fruit lemonade, and real fruit yogurt smoothies.


One of the things that really makes this café stand out is their commitment to only serving the freshest fruits.  As a food reviewer with a sensitive stomach, fresh ingredients are a selling point for me.  The frozen yogurt at Café Mangosix is rich, thick and creamy but gently.  You can taste the freshness of the yogurt and fruit.


If you stop at Cafe Mangosix, the honey bread is also a must! Flavors include Nutty Banana, Green Tea, and even Cheese Garlic. The owner made this delicious fresh fruit medley honey bread in front of me:

No doubt that I will be returning to Café Mangosix for my next dessert run ~



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