Heavenly Kup

Hello Readers,

Welcome again to A Girl’s Bite Out! Today I bring you a GREAT new spot in Plano- Heavenly Kup.

I was driving around this Sunday trying to find a new place to try, and from the outside I could tell that Heavenly Kup is absolutely lovely.

I am definitely glad that I stopped in.  I was immediately welcomed by the owner, Lauren, who had recently opened the boba shop after moving to Plano from Los Angeles.  Lauren hopes that this will be a great spot for kids and
adults alike, drawing in younger crowds who are enthusiastic about boba, smoothies and fruity shaved ice.

Unique flavors for frozen treats such as Honeydew and Oreo are offered, in addition to classics like Mango and Strawberry. Heavenly Kup is a great place to stop at any time of the day, with coffee and lattes offered in addition to their freshly-baked taiyaki- a Japanese,
fish-shaped cake filled with red bean, custard, nutella, or cheese.

YUM, the taiyaki at Heavenly Cup is melt-in-your-mouth delicious!  Served up also are an array of other Asian treats.

Heavenly Kup really has such an at-home feel.  There is even art on the walls created by the employees themselves!

I decided to try a honeydew smoothie, as it is a flavor I have yet to see anywhere else.  It was absolutely delicious and sweet- especially with the crystal boba.  Heavenly Kup uses all fresh fruit, and custard is made fresh on site daily.

Looking for a great new place to try for dessert? Heavenly Kup is sure to be the next Plano hotspot, located on West Park Boulevard not far from the Shops at Willow Bend.  Stop by any day of the week from 10-9, 10-10 on
Friday and Saturday ~

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