Olive Burger

Hello Readers,

Today’s post is for all of you burger lovers out there.  I bring you Olive Burger!

Olive Burger opened its first location in Richardson in 2012, and has been continuously growing its fanbase ever since.  Olive Burger serves up a unique array of “organic cooking” with menu items ranging from burgers and sandwiches to wraps, salads and even gyros.

The first thing that caught my attention is the cleanliness of the restaurant and sitting area.

Olive Burger uses only the freshest ingredients and it really shows.  Check out the Mushroom Cheese burger I was served with swiss cheese and added avocado, not to mention their delicious “all fresh veggies”:

These were also some of the most delicious fries I had ever tried.  Portions are large and hearty, and you can taste the freshness of these juicy, satisfying burgers. Guests can add a fried egg, avocado, or beef bacon to any burger to make it extra delicious and customizable. Olive Burger is a popular stop for those needing Halal foods.

The owners of Olive Burger have not let their hardships stand in the way of excellent food and service.  After experiencing a fire at their original location, the establishment was entirely rebuilt.  With such amazing support from their customers, Olive Burger was able to open a second location within the next year. As a family owned business wth humble beginnings, Olive Burger hopes to continue expanding for much time to come. 

Check out http://www.oliveburger.com to find a location near you, or stop by Olive Burger in Frisco and mention this blog (or me, Melissa) to receve 10% off ~

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