The Tipsy Cupcake

Hello Readers,

Today’s post is definitely one of my most anticipated- I bring to you The Tipsy Cupcake! 

This is really just such a unique concept that I had to make this stop one of my top priorities.

The Tipsy Cupcake serves up alcohol-infused cupcakes and sweets that may just leave you literally tipsy.  Located on North Henderson Avenue and recently reopened, this unique addition to the Dallas area is sure to be a hit.  The environment here is absolutely wonderful- what I may describe as paradise.  If I were to open my own bakery, I would want it to look half as good as this.

Each cupcake is handmade and infused with a different type of alcohol to give it a noticeable kick.  Choosing was pretty difficult, but I thought that the Fireball Cinnamon Cupcake would be a fair choice to start. 

I was shocked at how good this actually was! The alcohol doesn’t hit you so hard that it distracts from the delicious taste of the cupcake, but it is definitely present and will leave you wanting more.  The cake has a moist and fresh texture, just don’t be too surprised at the shot of alcohol!

It was hard to make my additional choices, but the bakers and associates were all so friendly and willing to offer their suggestions.  The also offered me insight into the future of the bakery, with many additional treats and recipes soon to be added.  I cannot wait to try these, but in the meantime, I tried a smooth and silky Peach Ciroc  (white cake flavored with Peach Schnapps) and a pomegranate vodka flavor with edible glitter.

The Tipsy Cupcake is not just a novelty bakery- the cupcakes are actually really good to boot!  Based on how much I loved these treats, I am really looking forward to see what types of changes and new ideas this bakery has in mind for their reopening as they gain a new wave of customers.


If you visit The Tipsy Cupcake, be sure to check in on social media for a bonus cupcake on the house!  The Tipsy Cupcake is open from 12:30-7 Wednesday through Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday ~

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