Bubble Tea Bliss

Hello Readers

Today I ask- who doesn’t love a visit to the mall? I know that I certainly do.

Anyone in North Texas knows about Grapevine Mills Mall, which is, in my opinion, one of the best malls to visit.  From the Aquarium to Legoland to the Rainforest Cafe, they’ve got it all.  One of the many places that I like to go is to the little shop called Bubble Tea Bliss (after all, bubble tea is another one of my favorite things).  


There are many reason to love Bubble Tea Bliss- the staff are always very friendly and patient, which is very important considering how many flavor options there are for their bubble teas, milk tea, and snow cones. The environment is extremely modern and eye-catching, and due to the rising popularity of bubble yes in recent years, this business could not have come at a better time. With its unique take on the product, it is a definite stop for teens and young adults, but it is worth a try for absolutely anyone.


The first time I went to Bubble Tea Bliss, I was excited because I simply love bubble tea. However, what very quickly caught my attention was their option of snow cones (with ice cream on top, free of charge!) These are not the kinds of snow cones that you might think of- they are more of a thick, slushy drink. They are fantastic, and the ice cream tastes creamy and homemade. Check out the bubble gum flavor: 


The very first snow cone that I ever tried was a unique red velvet flavor. I could not believe how smooth and wonderful the taste was, and I am a tough critic when it comes to my red velvet.  Although it was hard for me to get something other than bubble tea, which I absolutely love (especially with popping pearls or boba), I’m so glad that I made the decision to try something new.  Many of the flavors you can get for the snow cones can also be chosen for their bubble tea and milk teas.


I’ve found it hard to come across bubble tea shops that have options other than tapioca or jellies for their drinks.  As a fan of the popping boba, this has been frustrating for me. Something that really got me excited about Bubble Tea Bliss is that they have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, even ones I had never had before such as blueberry! During my most recent visit, I opted for a smoothie, mixing together banana and peach flavoring a plus a blueberry flavored boba. This mixture was light and fruity, with a burst of flavor from the boba- definitely a great choice of complimentary flavors.


On top of their wide selection of drinks, the macaroons are truly to die for, and they are displayed in such an eye catching was that one can’t help but add at least one to their purchase.


If you have not tried Bubble Tea Bliss yet, it is definitely worth picking one up to enjoy while you shop ~

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