Mom’s Cafe

Hello Readers,

Today I bring you a Carrollton classic- Mom’s Cafe on Old Denton Road.  This lovely little place has been a staple in Carrollton since I was little and is still going strong as a cozy, family friendly restaurant for breakfast and brunch.  I waited way too long to visit!  The lovely environment and friendly staff make you feel right at home.  I go every Sunday, as a weekly tradition and it is one of the hilights of my week.


As a breakfast enthusiast, I always find myself with a difficult decision ahead of me.  But how could I resist Mickey Mouse Pancakes- food and Disney are two of my favorite things.  They are pictured here with a side of seasoned potatoes, egg whites, and delicious sausage and bacon.  Everything is hot, fresh and homemade.

I highly recommend checking out their specials, such as the Funky Monkey pancake with bananas and nuts.
Feeling adventurous? Try Mom’s STUNNING Texas Biscuit Breakfast topped with eggs, bacon and cheese!
Not only is the breakfast absolutely delicious, but I feel right at home regardless of how busy it is.  The staff always makes sure I am very well taken care of.

Mom’s cafe has so much charm because of it just like the name implies- home cooked and family oriented.  Also served are sandwiches, waffles, and a large array of other choices for any time of day.


Interested in stopping on to Mom’s Cafe? They are open from 6 AM to 8 PM Weekdays, and 7-3 on Weekends ~

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