Magical Dessert Bar

Hello Readers,

This is so exciting, I am honored to give you an article about the new Magical Dessert Bar in Deep Ellum! Oh how magical it is indeed.  I am honored to have attended their soft opening, and I’ve been getting many questions about it already!
I have dreamed of something like this coming to Dallas for a long time, and I was first in line when they opened (with many awaiting eagerly behind me, of all ages).
Magical Desert bar offers hot chocolate, an array of unique lemonades, and unicorn themed desserts.  Unique lemonade flavors include lychee pomegranate and blue curacao.  The pink hot chocolate is divine, and I am not normally much of a hot chocolate fan.  It paired wonderfully with my adorable unicorn cupcake (two of my favorite things).  This is definitely a great place to go for beverages at any time of the year.
The Nutella hot chocolate is also wonderful, creamy and magical.
They even offer a chocolate lave cake in cotton candy!  Looks like a cloud 🙂
The presentation of the items here is glorious, especially if you want to stay rather than taking your sweets to go.  Feeling extra ambitious?  See about ordering a Unicorn Vanilla shake- also offered are red velvet and peanut butter.
The best part of Magical Dessert Cafe is that everyone stopping by had a smile on their face, as these delicious desserts are so fun and magical, how could anybody not love them?  This little cafe really brings people together ~

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