Cafe Mozart Bakery

Hello Readers,

Today I am bringing you one of my absolutely favorite places to go, Cafe Mozart Bakery!


Cafe Mozart Bakery is located in Carrollton on Old Denton near the H Mart in the
growing Korean Mall.  As a lover of desserts, I fell in love with this bakery from the very first time I set foot into it.  Cake is one of my favorite foods in the entire world, so it means a lot when I say that the first place I think of when I think “cake” is the Cafe Mozart Bakery.  Not only are the desserts so fresh and delicious, but they are cute too!


With locations in both Georgia and Texas, the Cafe Mozart Bakery strives to blend “the best in both European style breads and confections along with the unique flavors and ingredients from Asia.”  This approach definitely works, as I often find myself eating at this little cafe until I get a stomach ache.

You will notice upon entering Mozart that the cafe is absolutely lovely and  unique.  Most of the tables are encompassed in what looks like their very own miniature room.  This makes it the perfect place to study or enjoy a cup of coffee without the fear of being disturbed.

At Mozart, you can find anything from a green tea roll cake to macaroons and even homemade breads.


It usually takes me a bit of time to order, just because there are so many choices and I often struggle with deciding whether to order an old favorite or something new.  Words cannot describe how many pastries are available here, so it may just be best to show you some of my personal favorites, tap on them to see the names:

Something that I absolutely adore is that broken macaroons are buy one, get one free every day.  Since I’m not too picky about appearance, I usually purchase all of them for maximum sugar overload.  These come in flavors ranging from Earl Grey to Raspberry and Oreo.  Even if I plan on getting a slice of cake, I always throw in a couple of macaroons to enjoy right along with it.  I must say that as a macaroon enthusiast (I even have carrying cases for things shaped like them), Mozart is the place to be. Mozart offers macaroon ice cream sandwiches, with your choice of macaroon and ice cream flavor.  Green tea ice cream? Yes, please!

IMG_1348Strawberry smoothie and strawberry macaroon ice cream sandwichIMG_7062
If you visit the cafe later at night, you may just find some two for one deals as well.  The cafe has to make room for new items in the morning, so this is yet another chance to double up on the deliciousness!

The pastries are not the only highlight of Mozart.  They also offer both bubble tea and bubble tea smoothies, a wide variety of lattes, and my personal favorite, rose milk tea.  I prefer it iced, but it is my absolute favorite drink to have of anywhere I have ever visited.  You can really taste the rosey flavor, and it’s sweet but not TOO sweet.  So lovely, and very relaxing to the senses.

IMG_2724mango smoothie with jelly and mango macaroon


Needing something for your special day?  Many Cafe Mozart Bakery locations also offer wedding cakes.  Have you ever seen a wedding cake adorned with macaroons? Sounds like a dream come true to me!

If you have never been to Cafe Mozart bakery, they are open from 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM Sun-Thurs and until 11:00 PM Fri-Sat ~

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