Layne’s Chicken Fingers

Hello Readers,

I am ready to bring you my much anticipated post, Layne’s Chicken Fingers! I have gotten a lot of requests for this one, and I am happy to oblige.


Ever since the new location opened up in Lewisville, I have been very curious to find out what Layne’s is all about.  I noticed that they have a very strong social media presence, and their marketing is excellent- I have never seen such appetizing photos!  I was sold after seeing their Instagram feed, and knew that I had to stop in.  They DEFINITELY did not disappoint me.


The first thing that really stands out to me about Layne’s is their excellent commitment to the customer.  From being super responsive on social media to the wonderful service I received in person at the Lewisville location, I cannot think of a more pleasant experience that I have had at an establishment recently.  All of the employees were willing to help me make my choices and made me feel welcome, and the manager, David, is so friendly!  I also appreciated the nod to my alma mater (go Hawks).

IMG_9207 (1).JPG

The menu is simple, but can be a bit to take in if it is your first time. Offered is an array of combos, shakes, and three different sauces including buttermilk ranch, honey mustard, and the signature Layne’s sauce.  I opted for the 5 finger combo and to “kick it up” for a large drink, extra fries, and additional finger (I was sharing, after all!)


Have a look at the menu for yourself:


I was so impressed with the freshness of the food.  The chicken came out hot, and you can actually SEE the freshness of it!


I am not a honey mustard fan, but this was definitely an exception.  Sweet yet satisfying with a real honey taste.  The portions are actually quite robust, as I had enough left for another whole meal even after sharing. In addition, I was thrilled at the amount of Layne’s sauce I got.  Layne’s sauce has a peppery with a bit of spice taste to it, and the fries are good and salty.  I really liked this as I am a fan of these sorts of flavors which almost reminded me of a kind of Cajun feel.  The sweet tea is great as well!


Although I did not have room for a shake this time, I will be going back soon and will be posting an update on my Instagram feed.   If you have not been to Layne’s yet, I would highly suggest giving this new sensation a go.



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