The Maverick

Hello Readers,

This post has been a long time coming, as you all have probably seen this on my Instagram feed a lot lately.  I have been coming to The Maverick for a while, and it is definitely one of my favorite places to go any day of the week.

IMG_8997 (1).JPG

Why, you may ask?  Because not only is it close to home, but the staff makes you FEEL at home with great drinks, meals, and some of the best drinks in town.


The Maverick, located on West Hebron Parkway, is a sports bar which features something special every day of the week.  This typically includes live music on weekends, Taco Tuesday, and even karaoke!  This bar has a number of great things to do, including a mini arcade with golfing games, pinball, and even the beer pong arcade game.  As a gamer, this is one of my favorite places to go if I am wanting to eat, play, and drink without having to travel too far.

IMG_8995 (1).JPG

Although I normally opt for a simple whiskey and coke, you can find a number of great food on the menu to have with your drink.  The tacos are simple yet satisfying (my recommendation is the pork), as are the quesadillas.

Also offered are a unique variety of sliders (including chicken and pulled pork), sandwiches, and even a Mac Burger (mac and cheese, bacon and cheddar).  The burgers really stand out on the menu, with a variety of unique creations to choose from.  Who couldn’t love a place with burger names like The Aggie?  The Maverick also has some of the freshest fries in town, and everything tastes like it was home made at a backyard barbecue!

What really stands out to me is the DESSERTS! Key lime pie? They’ve got that. My personal favorite is The Guadalupe- Flour tortillas with cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge.  Wow!!


If you blink you may miss it, so be sure to add a visit to The Maverick to your after work plans, which is open until 2 AM every day.  I hope to catch you there! ~


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