Donut and Cafe- Breakfast Served All Day

Hello Readers,

I would like to preface this post by saying thank you for your support! Engagement on my Instagram has gone way up, and I am so glad to see you responding to my posts, including suggestions on where I should go to review next. I truly appreciate all of your suggestions, and plan to visit each and every one of them.  I will also be giving shout outs to those who have made the suggestions.

With that being said, I have something quite special that I would like to share with you today.  Recently, I had to partake in the oh so fun task of getting my drivers license changed after having Lasik surgery.  I had to get there pretty early to wait in line and not be late for work, so my sweetie brought me breakfast from Donut and Cafe- A “Breakfast served all day” cafe located next to the Carrollton Public Library.  This little spot has been around for quite some time, and I do recall having pigs in blankets from Donut and Cafe being brought to us before meetings at work at my former job.

I instantly fell in love with the delicious donuts and breakfast tacos, and knew that I had to go and visit it first hand myself.  How could I not? The croissant breakfast sandwiches melt in your mouth, with delicious sausage and egg in between.


Donut and Cafe is such a cosy little spot that smells of pancakes and homemade goodness.  There are fresh made donuts, as well as a whole menu of breakfast and brunch items to order including waffles, omelets, and more! The choices are abundant in both food and beverages, which include coffee and fresh smoothies.  I was very impressed by the unique variety of donuts, some with candies and M&Ms on them, and cinnamon rolls.IMG_8856 (1).JPG
As a breakfast enthusiast, I opted for a Belgian waffle with sausage and sunny side up eggs.



Does anybody else dip their sausage in maple syrup, or is that just me? Leave me your answer in the comments!

And how can I forget to mention the most unique item on the menu, the breakfast taco with bacon, eggs and hashbrowns?  Goes great with hot sauce!IMG_9010.JPG

The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, and bring the food right out to your
table.  The home style feel is just so refreshing!  If you are looking to be treated like family, Donut and Cafe is a must. ~


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