Legacy Hall

Hello Readers,

Are you looking for a fun night out with family or friends?  Then I have the perfect place for you:

Legacy Food Hall


Once again, I have found myself at the Shops at Legacy.  What can I say- it is THE go-to place for a fun night out, day of shopping, or of course, grabbing a bite to eat.  If you blink, you may miss Legacy Hall, but I am so glad that I have now gotten to experience this hidden treasure.  This unique stop brings together a brewery offering seasonal beers, 24 unique food vendors, a bar, and live entertainment to create one of the most unique experiences you will find in North Texas.

IMG_8677 (1).JPG

Of course I have not been able to try ALL of the vendors (yet!), but I was able to try a few that I would love to share with you.  Fear not- I will be posting  updates here as I try out more.

As a taco enthusiast, my first stop was to Tacos Petron- authentic, street-style tacos by chef Javier Madero.  I got to enjoy the spiced Texas brisket taco with salsa criolla, and another with grilled marinated chicken fajitas.  SO delicious, and the perfect balance of savory with a bit of spice.


And what better thing to sample next than Enter the Bao- a food stall serving a unique take on traditional Chinese baos (warm, sweet bread) filled with various meats and vegetables.  Pictured here is the Dim Sum (pork belly and slaw), and K-Pop (beef and chopped scallions).  If you have never tried the deliciousness that is bao, try it as soon as possible!


The hardest thing to choose was definitely the dessert- with everything from mini donuts to macarons, how can one possibly make a decision?  Ultimately, an organic kiwi strawberry popsicle covered in chocolate from Berrynaked was the winner!


Definitely unlike any popsicle you have ever tasted, they are full of fresh, full fruit slices!


Although Legacy Hall does house Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company on the third floor, I opted for pouring my Calpico from Enter the Bao into my whiskey from the main bar, before stepping outside to enjoy the live entertainment.  The stage is surrounded by more vendors- bars, shaved ice, and BBQ. What better way is there to spend the day or night than with good food, music, and dancing to the music of music artist Frank Ray?

Moral of the story is that Legacy Hall is definitely one of my favorite places in the DFW metroplex, and it is THE place to be for people of all ages.  I think I may be wanting to spend my birthday here this year! ~

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