Hello readers,

I am so excited to bring you what I have in store today, and let me tell
you, I am getting hungry now just thinking about it.


During my most recent trip to Dallas’s Galleria Mall (which, if you have been, is HUGE), I inevitably found myself getting hungry.  Just one look at Luciano’s meant that I just had to give it a try.  Luciano offers TRUE Italian cuisine, with the first restaurant being opened by the Luciano family in 1971.  The restaurant has locations across Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and even Mexico.  You will immediately be hit by an array of delicious smells- breads and freshly made pastas.  It is nearly impossible to choose what to get!

At Luciano, the thing that stands out most to me are how fresh the salads are, and their mouth-watering presentation.  Choices offered include Greek garbanzo salad, avocado salad, and fresh fruit salad.  They even offer a deal where you can select three of them to try (spoiler alert- they are
all fantastic).


Still yet, the main attraction of Luciano is that the homemade pastas are
made custom right in front of you.  You can choose your noodle type/shape,
seasonings, and add ins (such as shrimp, mushroom, and tomatoes).  Just
watching my spaghetti marinate in the basil and sauce was enough to make me
get impatient!


See for yourself the process that makes every dish a Luciano so special:



Looking for something a bit lighter? Luciano also offers paninis, soups (such as the delicious tomato), and sandwiches.  For those who are simply wanting pizza- fear not!  Build your own pizzas are also offered.  Last but not least, let us not forget the
AMAZING cheesecake, carrot cake, tiramisu, gelato, and cannolis!


With how delicious and authentic this food is, I truly hope Luciano will
continue to expand in the very near future- I need to have this authentic
Italian food every day! ~

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