Yama Izakaya and Sushi

Welcome back everyone,

I have something very exciting to share with you all today- Yama Izakaya and Sushi!


Looking for a late night meal, my sweetie and I decided to check out somewhere open until 2 AM.  I had been thinking about going into this sushi restaurant for a long time, and I am so glad that I finally decided to try them out and see what I have been missing! Between the fresh sushi made to order at the bar, clean environment, and super friendly and personable staff, there is everything to love about Yama Izakaya and Sushi.  It was definitely a great option to come here rather than my usual trip to the Ihop Restaurant right next door (as much as I love IHOP).

I am personally not a huge fan of sushi, besides for California roll, but the staff were kind enough to let me try a pretty wide variety of items, first and foremost being Yakitori, which is a Japanese style of skewered chicken which is so delicious with lemon!


The Mixed Tempura was also fantastic, including fried shrimp and vegetables.  


The tempura was so delicious in fact that we couldn’t help but want to try even more of the fantastic foods on the menu.  The staff was willing to offer suggestions throughout our entire visit, and every single one of them were definitely worth while.  The kushi katsu had to be one of my favorites of the night, with a mixture of panko fried pork, chicken, shrimp, and mushroom on skewer. So delicious, and fun to eat right off of the stick!


We then decided to sample the sushi, which was prepared fresh in front of us.  The California roll was definitely the best I have had, and I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to try a maguro tuna.  My sweetie can testify that the Unagi Eel was fantastic, but I unfortunately am not quite that brave yet (no judging).


Looking to have a drink with your meal?  Japanese drinks, including Sapporo Premium Beer, are also served.



Of course, my favorite part of every meal is the dessert.  Just look at the lovely mango mochi!


If you have ever passed by Yama Izakaya and Sushi, then stop, stop, STOP in and give this great place a try! I for one cannot wait to go back, and everyone else in the area who is a fan of Japanese cuisine should add it to their list. ~


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