Tealatte Bar

Hello readers, I am so excited to be back after so much business! I have been quite busy with my new poetry book (date to be announced), as well as contributions to various sites.  Without further ado, let’s get right to the deliciousness!

I am so excited to have had some time Sunday evening to spend with my
sweetie recently, and I thought it may be a lot of fun to try somewhere
new.  What a wonderful decision this turned out to be!


The new Tealatte Bar opened recently on Old Denton where the Starbucks used to be
(now located across the street).  After hearing that they offer a variety
of teas, brewed in a way similar to espresso, I knew that I had to try this
unique new way to enjoy tea.


Upon arrival everyone was so friendly and willing offer the best suggestions for us.
They really knew there stuff for this only being a soft opening, and we
tried out some of the samples available before making our decision:


Both the milk tea and the herbal tea were so flavorful that I struggled to choose which was the best.

Check out all of the unique choices offered for hot teas! Drinks are all
gluten free and non-GMO:

I was truly shocked not only by the number of different teas and beverages
available, but also at the number of different add ons that you could get
inside of your drink.  Beverages offered include signature milk teas,
smoothies, hot teas, slushes, organic lemonade, smoothies, organic coffees,
and of course, my favorite, the teaspresso!  Here are just a few of the
different jellies and mix ins that you can choose from:


We opted for a watermelon green tea with chia seeds, and a teaspresso milk tea with crystal boba.

To give you the run down, chia seeds are ARE in fact the same thing that chia plants are made from.  Of  course, this is not their only use.  Chia seeds go great inside of pudding, porridge, and- you guessed it – tea!

The watermelon with chia seeds was just like drinking a watermelon- absolutely amazing, and not too sweet nor bitter.  The teaspresso was so smooth and delicious, with the chewy boba crystals adding the perfect touch, picking up the flavor of the milk tea within themselves.


I am definitely very satisfied with Tealatte Bar, and I plan on making this a new stop during my daily commute! ~


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