Mango Mango: The Place For Mango Enthusiasts!

Hello readers, and welcome!  I have been so super busy with work and life, but I hope everyone is well.  Let’s kick off this post by saying, who doesn’t love mango?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love delicious desserts, and trying new things from cultures other than my own.  For this reason, I am a regular at Carrollton’s Asian themed shopping center. Here, you will find brands from Korea, China, Japan, and more.  I absolutely love all of the food and shops to visit in this area of town, but one of the most unique by far is the little dessert spot of Mango Mango.

Mango Mango is one of my favorite places to visit because for one, I love mangos, and also, it is such a unique concept that you would be hard-pressed to find anything similar.  Not only will you find a variety of mango-themed treats, but the menu is quite extensive, including everything from waffles and crepes to sundaes and even hot desserts.


Mille Crepe

This is not the only location you will find, there is also one located in Plano, TX.  I have yet to visit this location, but I have never had an unpleasant experience at Mango Mango in Carrollton.  Fans of my blog will be pleased to know that there are a number of locations throughout the country, with the first being in New York’s Chinatown as recently as 2013.

The idea behind Mango Mango is to give guests “a short moment of leisure lifestyle, to enjoy a delicious moment” away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Mango Mango uses “traditional Hong Kong-style techniques and the freshest ingredients” to ensure that guests have a relaxing, new, and delicious experience.  I have quickly become a regular, and Mango Mango definitely lives up to its promises.

One of the first things that really caught my attention about Mango Mango was the cozy atmosphere—they definitely live up to the original concept at even their southern locations.  The little shop catches your eye with displays of their desserts in the windows (many made from mangos, of course).  As soon as you enter, you are met with lovely décor and a relaxing environment.

There will often be a host or hostess to greet you, but at slower traffic times, you can seat yourself.  The staff is always extremely friendly, and the menu is full of vibrant pictures of the delicious desserts.  The prices are also pretty reasonable for the portions and freshness of the fruity foods.

Not all of the desserts on the menu contain mangoes: Mango Mango’s “classic desserts” include Strawberry Mango Juice Sago & Lychee Jelly with Mango Ice Cream (one of my favorites).  For those who do not know, sago is a chewy starch extracted from palm stems. It goes surprisingly well with fruit and ice cream!  The fruits are so fresh that one can’t help but enjoy the taste, and depending on your appetite, one Mango Juice Sago may even be enough to share.  These classic desserts are also available with red bean, rice balls, lychee, and herbal jelly. One even comes with the option of watermelon! Yum!


Strawberry Mango Juice Sago & Lychee Jelly With Mango Ice Cream

A simple Mango Sundae is by far my favorite dessert one the menu, but if you have never had a waffle ice cream sandwich with green tea or durian ice cream, then a trip to Mango Mango is a must.


Mango Sundae

If you have a bit more of an appetite, a combo may be what you are looking for.  A Mango Mango Combo could get you a good variety, with one choice including three Mango Mochi, a Snow White Juice with Mango and Black Rice, and a Special Mango Juice Sago and Pomelo with Mango Ice Cream.  There are also other choices that include either mango or durian pancake (not the pancake you may be thinking; yhis pancake is a Hong-Kong style dessert wrapped in crepe!)


Mango Pancake

The ice cream desserts are some of the most popular, and for a good reason, too.  If you have never had mango ice cream, it is definitely a game changer. The green tea ice cream is fantastic too, but if you find yourself in the mood for something drinkable, try a fresh banana, mango, or even seasonal cantaloupe slush.  I still have many, many more left to try!

Something else  I really love is that they often have board games available for guests o play during their visit.  There are few things I love more than enjoying a delicious dessert whilst playing a game of Sorry or Connect 4.  It’s so much fun for enjoying a night when you may be looking for something more low key than a bar or club. Since Mango Mango also offers hot herbal teas, one can sit and enjoy tea and games for hours on end.

Dying to visit yet? Mango Mango locations are open for long hours, even until midnight on the weekends, and provides a great place to go even for late night workers and night owls.

If you love desserts and you love fresh fruit, then a visit to Mango Mango is a must.  From the lovely atmosphere to the wide, unique variety of dessert choices, it is a place to keep coming back to for a new taste experience each and every visit.  Mango enthusiasts are always welcome! ~

2 thoughts on “Mango Mango: The Place For Mango Enthusiasts!

  1. I’d love that place! I love me a mango too. Those pancakes look good then again so does the first photo. Who am I kidding, I’d try to eat all of the things.


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