A Visit to Guthrie, Oklahoma!

Hello fellow food lovers, I am so excited to bring you all something new today– we venture to the north of Dallas during a trip to Guthrie, Oklahoma! I found some really great stops along the way, including one little chocolate shop that was as charming as the town itself.

Now I am a huge fan of all things vintage and older, and this town was my favorite part of my weekend trip to the north of the Red River.  This former Oklahoma capitol still holds so much charm, and its art galleries, Victorian architecture, and classy feel are enough to make me want to come back again and again.


Before I get to the wonderful shop I visited, I would just like to point out that this town has a museum of medicine which features an apothecary garden. I truly hope I can go back on a day that is not the weekend so that I can see inside, but the garden was so interesting and I definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area.


In addition, you can find so many cute shops with vintage items and apparel, including classic antique shops as well as spots for music an movies.




But without further ado, let’s get to the part that you are all here for:

Rick’s Fine Chocolates and Coffee!


Rick’s is a wonderful chocolate and coffee shop which makes many of their treats on location.  Founded in 2006, it adds the perfect touch to a charming town by bringing in  a bit of sweetness.


This shop is absolutely lovely and features lattes, chai, cream sodas (my personal favorite), gift baskets, fine chocolates, cake pops and more.  The shop remains open even when most of the town is closed down on a Sunday, making it a popular stop for locals looking to get their fix.  Their website labels them as “a place that feels like home,” and with the beautiful atmosphere and friendly baristas, I definitely got this vibe.



With handcrafted and certified organic chocolates, you cannot go wrong with Rick’s as a treat to yourself or someone special.  Spoiler alert, the cake pops are divine!  I enjoyed a delicious cream soda with banana flavoring, and I may just move to Guthrie to have one every day!  It is the perfect town for a place like this, where one can come to relax and enjoy something truly decadent.


Not to mention that the hot chocolate is pretty great too, and I am notoriously a non-fa of hot chocolate 😉


You can purchase some pretty great stuff here to take home too! Take a look:

rick cup.JPG

earl grey.JPG

The charm of Rick’s absolutely cannot be beat, and I would recommend anyone to stop by- especially if you are a fan of chocolate, coffee, and and old-timey and classic atmosphere.



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