Night Out in Plano Part 1: Fat Straws

Welcome readers to another exciting installment of A Girl’s Bite Out!  Today, I bring you another two-parter!

On a recent night out with my sweetie, we decided to go out to Plano to see what we could get for something, well,  sweet.  And what do you know, two perfect places right next to each other that I had been dying to try were still open:  Fat Straws Bubble Tea and Juice, and Wow! Donuts and Drips.

Since Fat Straws was out first stop, I will begin with them in my first post.  Fat straws has been around since 2002, and I am honestly scratching my head as to why I am just now trying it out.


For those that are not familiar with bubble tea, it began in Taiwan in the 1980s and can come in various forms from smoothies to milk tea, often with chewy tapioca pearls, popping boba, or jellies.  They are too large to come up through a traditional straw, hence the name Fat Straws.  Tapioca pearls are chewy and delicious, and truly must be tasted in order to know what teh hype is all about.  They are created from the starch of a cassava root, and they are not in any way tapioca pudding a la the Fat Straws website.

With Korea Town in Carrollton being a huge go-to for these kinds of drinks in recent years, I am very excited that Fat Straws has been able to stay as prominent as it is.  Fat Straws was definitely one of the early pioneers of these types of beverages in DFW, and for good reason.  With their unique choices of teas, smoothies and slushes, it is no wonder that customers keep coming back for more as there is a drink for everyone to enjoy.  The extend beyond Taiwanese staples such as Taro to genius creations that I am so excited to write about today.

The founder of Fat Straws, Terry Pham, has had so much success with his wonderful idea to open a tea shop in the DFW area that he has even been featured in Entrepreneur magazine.  His store keeps things fresh by making their tapioca pearls daily, and only the freshest ingredients are used.  Pham’s great idea has grown to three stores in Plano and Dallas.

The menu at Fat Straws is extremely impressive and unique, and I have never seen a lot of the flavors that they offer.  Milk teas, infusions, and brews are all offered hot and cold, as wells as smoothies, slushes, shakes and frappes with every flavor from fruit to green tea and chai.

We opted for a cucumber lime tea, as well as a jasmine milk tea with pineapple jelly.  They were both absolutely amazing!  I loved the vibrant taste of the cucumber lime, and the jasmine milk tea was so fresh and smooth. Note: I did take these photos inside of our next destination, because I REALLY wanted some donuts with my bubble tea for my dream night.  The staff was extremely friendly with my indecisiveness and offered some really amazing suggestions to us- a wonderful experience!

Fat Straws are extremely active on their Instagram, and fans are always submitting photos of the great creations that they try.  I am dying to try the Mango Chamoyada with a tamarind straw- something you will definitely not find at most bubble tea and juice shops.  Many may be excited to know that they even have an avocado smoothie (I can’t tell you how it is from experience- I’m allergic!)  Seasonal offerings such as peppermint are another reason to keep on stopping in over and over again all year long.


Fat straws even offers catering and I am so down for a Fat Straws party!  Of course, I have joined their rewards program as well- all the best places to be have one 😉  Maybe I will even buy one of their exclusive T-shirts- I am dying for one!!

Moral of the story is that Fat Straws is the bomb and I am dying for some bubble tea right now.  Keep up with my Instagram to see what I try out next 🙂 And stay tuned for my next post on Fat Straw’s neighbor- Wow! Donuts and Drips.

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