Kenny’s Italian Kitchen

Hello Readers,

I am very excited to bring you today’s post, featuring Kenny’s Italian Kitchen in Addison.


Kenny’s Italian Kitchen is one of a number of Kenny’s fine restaurants in the area—including the popular Kenny’s Birger Joint, Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill, Kenny’s Smoke House and Kenny’s East Coast Pizza.  I will be featuring the Italian Kitchen today, with exciting blog posts coming on the other restaurants in the near future!

Kenny’s offers an array of classic Italian cuisine in a cozy environment.  The restaurant prides itself on making guests feel welcome and at home, allowing guests to dress up or come as they are, citing themselves as “A place where we make it our policy to have no policy.”  The goal is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible.

On the dinner menu, you will find a wide selection of salad, pastas, seafood, and veal and steak.  What make’s Kenny’s really stand out is that you are not limited to just trying one item- you can split portions to create your own plate of two entrees.  This is great for if you are really trying to get the full experience, and they are extremely accommodating.


I was able to try both the Egglplant Parmigiana and Chicken Picatta.  The Chicken Picatta was my favorite dish, with white wine and lemon bitter caper sauce.  Simply brilliant!


It is absolutely necessary to have dessert at Kenny’s as no meal is complete without the amazing canollis that they serve.  These are extremely creamy and quite possibly some of the best I have had in the area.


I do feel that Kenny’s Italian Kitchen has some of the best Italian cuisine that I have tried in a while, and I definitely plan on being a repeat guest.

“Every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast!”